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Stream Key keeps changing?

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You may have noticed your stream key has changed from the last time you were live. Here's why:


Your stream key contains code that is unique to your account and is generated using your password, so anytime your password changes, your stream key changes too.

For the tech savvy users: the stream key is a 32-char MD5 hash of your password hash and a random salt.  And in case you are wondering, we do not save plain-text versions of your password anywhere, your password is saved in our database as a SHA512 hash with a salt.

This is why your password and stream key cannot be guessed by anyone but you, provided it is strong enough.


It is always wise to make sure the password you are using is secure:


My RTMP Url keeps changing too?

Your RTMP Url tells you which server you should be using in your encoder to stream your show. This may change depending on the video server you're on and the number of viewers your show has on average.

If you notice this has changed, it is best to use the new one to get optimal performance from the server.


A good place to generate strong memorable passwords for everyday use :


If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments.


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