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How to - Shoutcast

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We give you the choice of 30+ Shoutcast stations to stream music in your room while you take a break from live casting. Be it to save on your bandwidth, to give your aging computer a break or to take that long awaited fishing trip with kids.


Go into your Room's Edit Settings, pick a station of your choice and Click Save. Your station will now begin playing in your room and also show "Audio only" notification to viewers in the video player.



Your room will also be on the top bar for 2 days after you log off.


Anytime you're back and decide to go back to casting, be sure to turn off the shoutcast stream first.

About Us

Welcome to We are a community-based, live social broadcasting site that was totally built and is operated by broadcasters, for broadcasters. We volunteer our time to make this site possible. The site is open for all to use, and there are no charges for streaming your own show. We hope you enjoy the site and join our community.