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Custom Colors And Background

color wheel

We have added the option for users to change the color of the text and background overlay shading of their rooms. You can find these in your Settings page next to the Background uploader.

This applies to anyone who wanted to use a lighter/darker background picture for their rooms and noticed the text difficult to read.

Or just want to personalize their rooms to be unique.

This option has no effect on chat colors. If you happen to mess up colors and want to go back to the site default, just leave the colors empty.


Another addition is the option to maintain aspect ratio or stretch your background image. This may be useful if the image you picked has a different ratio than standard display.

Choosing to "Fit" (also the default) will skew or stretch your image to be contained inside your browser display. If this is not what you like, change to "Maintain Aspect" and the image height and

width will be preserved, however the image borders may fall outside the viewable area.


Have fun :)

 Bonus Tip: If your background picture is dark enough, you can turn off the layering completely by setting layer color to black. (It may help to make the text color white)



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