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Noticing Lag/ Bottom Cams Don't Work? Enable Flash


Using the Flash Player and Flash Cams provide the best experience for viewing live shows here at

HTML5 work across all browsers and devices, but due to the way HTML5 streams are broken up into chunks

for delivery there will be a noticeable lag.

Here's how you can enable flash in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

First off, make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed. If not, use this direct link to download it:

For Firefox (NPAPI):


For Chrome :


In order to keep your browsing experience fast, reliable, and secure Firefox will not activate plugins by default. Instead, Firefox lets you choose whether or not to activate a plugin on a website.

How click to activate works

  1. When Firefox blocks a plugin, rather than seeing content, you'll see a message prompting you to click to activate the plugin, such as Adobe Flash.
    activate flash 55
    • On some sites, you'll see just a blank rectangle, and the plugin notification icon will appear toward the left end of the address bar.
    Plugin Notification Icon
  2. If you click the message or the notification icon to activate the plugin, Firefox will prompt you with two options:
    • Allow Now: Activates Flash only for a single visit.
    • Allow and Remember: Activates Flash for all future visits to that site.
  3. If you click to activate and allow the plugin, the missing content will load normally. (If it doesn't, click the reload FxReloadButton button in the address bar to reload the page and try again.)


How to enable Flash in Chrome:


1. Open Google Chrome browser, click the green lock in the address bar or type chrome://settings/content in and then hit Enter

How to enable Flash in Chrome

2. On the popup screen, locate Flash player settings.Select Allow sites to run Flash.


3. Toggle on the 'Allow site to run Flash' button. You can also add sites to approved list for running Flash.



Finally, the most important step is to turn Flash video player On for rooms, so as to use

the Flash plugin we just installed. This is in your Setting and Quick Settings gear icon.

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