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Dictionary and Wikipedia Lookup


We have two new features in chat that will help you find the meaning of a word, lookup the wikipedia definition of term(s), people or places.



 /dict <word>

shows you the Dictionary meaning of the word and an example usage.

eg. :

/dict jeopardize

/dict illustrate



About : Randomizer


We are being asked a lot of questions about how the randomizer works and its options, so here it is :

The randomizer works only for Room Owner and Room mods.


To pick a random username from your room userlist, type :


To pick a random number between 0 and 25, type:

/random 25

To pick a random number between two numbers x and y, type:



chat and weather

We have added the ability to lookup weather of any city in the world using the format below:

/weather cityname


/weather zipcode (if you reside in the US)


Bonus Chat Tip:

  • Hover your mouse cursor over the user's picture in chat to see when the message was sent.
  • Click the username next to a message in chat to copy that name into your text.



About Us

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